I am packed and ready to go when Shaz picks me up. I left the key up at Kaybee’s and they are just about ready as well.  Its much cooler than it has been so far this year.  This brings back memories of so many times and so many different situations. The Urunga to Sydney XPT. I travelled on it before it was an XPT. Damn side better it was back then. Dining carriage and sleeping cars. Then they built the current people movers saying it would be much faster. Well – the old trip was 10 hours. The new one is 8 1/2. I would prefer an extra hour or so with the added comfort.

Nonetheless I am also accustomed to this one. My ex husband was thermit welder on the tracks inthe 1980s. I have been up and down to detox and rehab. Then with my kids for holidays. Later on my adventuring between Tweed and here and Sydney.

I just haven’t done it since I met Izzy and that was 2007 and I certaibly haven’t done it since I was so ill.

OK then. Time to wind down. Pack the last of the electronics. Wait for Shaz and do some quiet meditation before I leave.

This looks like being quite an experience ahead of me. People look fowrads to such things but for me at this time – I am just achiveing a stability and sense of ongoingness and would have preferred to have more time to stabilise and increase my feelings of safety.

Its my borther’s wedding and its important to him . Therefore I honour that. Fare us all well.


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